Healthbox 3.0, the smart, connected and automatic ventilation system

Healthbox 3.0, the smart, connected and automatic ventilation system

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Healthbox 3.0 provides intelligent and fully automatic ventilation for the best possible indoor air quality in each home. This new generation of demand controlled ventilation now actively communicates with the installer and the homeowner through an application. As a user, you can monitor the air quality in your home and the activities of the ventilation system at any time. The installer saves even more time during installation and monitoring of the ventilation system. // Healthbox 3.0- smart and energy efficient: Thanks to the integrated sensors that continuously manage the level of humidity, CO2 and/or VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds), Healthbox 3.0 adapts the ventilation level where and when necessary. The SmartConnect connection makes the Healthbox 3.0 a connected ventilation system for any smart home. Healthbox is an integral part of the C+ ventilation system (air supply via window vents on top of the windows). // Connected to your home and ventilation: In the application, the background color of the screen provides an instant overview of the indoor air quality. Recent activities of the Healthbox 3.0 are displayed as well: after a shower, the temporarily increased ventilation level is visible on a graphic. You can also find a history per room of the ventilation, humidity and/or VOC-level. // Choose your own ventilation profile per room: By default, Healthbox 3.0 ventilates using the 'Health' profile. This profile is energy efficient thanks to the demand-controlled ventilation. For a baby room for example, you can choose the 'Intense' profile to evacuate bad air more quickly. For the 'Eco' profile, priority will be given to energy saving and bad indoor air will be evacuated over a longer period of time with a lower ventilation level. // Up to 11 connections: Thanks to ventilation collectors, it is possible to ventilate more rooms than the 7 outlets on the ventilation unit (up to a maximum of 11). In this way the SmartZone principle (with air extraction in bedrooms) can be applied in a compact way with fewer ducts. // A new step in ease of installation: The application of the Healthbox 3.0 particularly designed for the professional makes the installation and calibration of the ventilation unit even easier. All parameters are displayed step by step. The manual adjustment of the dipswitches is a thing of the past and is now done with the app, which allows you to change the flow rate of the different extraction points separately. The app provides access to an internet portal where you can manage all your installations and monitor your projects. Documents are saved and available there, allowing you to check the status of your administration at a glance.

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