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Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2024
Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

Le Mondial du Bâtiment and Batimat launch the “Sustainable Builders 50” Think & Do-tank, a group combining ideas with action to accelerate the decarbonisation of construction

For the 2022 edition, Le Mondial du Bâtiment is bringing together fifty of the biggest names in economy decarbonisation as a group of decision-makers and experts: these are the Sustainable Builders 50. These people interact together, guided by research into real impact and changes, to deliver on the emissions reduction goals set for 2030 and 2050.   

We are all painfully aware that today's climate situation requires more than simple recommendations. It’s critical that we act now, if we’re not to worsen the changes already underway. In France, construction is one of the leading carbon emitters, releasing 145 Mt of CO2eq emissions per year.  

Understandably, as a long-standing player in the sector, Le Mondial du Bâtiment is eager to “play its part” and take on its responsibilities with regard to our planet’s future. By bringing together our society’s biggest constructors, committed men and women, experts and decision-makers, leaders in public works and construction, and in energy, science, philosophy and sociology, we have both the duty, but also the ability, to act. And act at scale, influencing decisions, steering our energies along a common course: decarbonisation.  

The Sustainable Builders 50 is a voluntary, independent and neutral approach. Its principle rests on regular discussion between these leading players to share innovations and best practices, discover new expertise and collaborations, and obtain buy-in to a culture of circularity, sustainability and low consumption, particularly in the industry. 

The Sustainable Builders 50 doesn’t replace any existing responsible organisation, but aims instead to create encounters and dialogue, with a cross-cutting approach that brings together the people who have the power to rewrite the narrative.