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Sept 30 - Oct 3rd 2024
Paris Porte de Versailles


An event that plays its part in decarbonisation

The building and construction sector emits 145Mt of CO2e a year. Together with transport, our sector is the main emitter of CO2 and is therefore a key priority if France’s decarbonisation strategy is to succeed!

Conscious of the environmental and societal challenges to which we must respond collectively, BATIMAT is committed to a long-term strategy aiming to reduce its impact on climate, the environment and biodiversity as much as possible.

Starting with this 2022 edition, we hope to raise awareness among our stakeholders of the importance of these issues, but above all to set an example for our exhibitors, our visitors, our partners and our teams. This is the first step in a voluntary strategy to make the organisation of our events exemplary in reducing the impact on climate, the environment and biodiversity. With more than 300,000 participants and more than 2,000 exhibitors attending the show, this represents a sizeable challenge.

This ambitious strategy is based on a comprehensive approach which includes a recognised scientific method and a concrete, transparent action plan with measurable indicators.

1st step, measure our GHG emissions using Bilan Carbone®

With the help of EcoAct, a climate and carbon strategy consultancy, we decided to produce a provisional Carbon footprint report using the Bilan Carbone® tool on scopes 1, 2 and 3. This allowed us to establish the orders of magnitude of our emissions and identify the actions to be implemented for the 2022 edition. From October 2021 to January 2022, the Bilan Carbone® methodology enabled us to collect valuable data on our direct and indirect emissions from:

  • Exhibitor and visitor travel;
  • Inputs (purchases of goods and services for the show);
  • Waste generated by the show;
  • Energy consumption (electricity, natural gas);
  • Transport of show inputs;
  • Coolants;
  • Fixed assets.

2nd step, create a roadmap

Based on the Bilan Carbone® data, the entire Batimat team took part in a series of consultation workshops aimed at identifying appropriate actions to reduce our footprint by 2022.

  • Exhibitor and visitor travel, which represents 81% of our carbon footprint, or 26,000 tonnes of CO2e,
  • Materials and purchases (inputs) come next: 18% of our carbon footprint, or 5,800 tonnes of CO2e.
  • Waste, which represents 1% of our footprint, or 245 tonnes of CO2e.

3rd step, set targets and devise an action plan

  • Raise awareness and help visitors make responsible transport choices
  • Facilitate shared and optimised transport solutions for exhibitors
  • Promote and encourage exhibitors to choose eco-designed stands
  • Effectively reduce, sort and recycle all waste generated by the show
  • A comprehensive plan of action by theme along with specific objectives has been drawn up for this 2022 edition and will soon be published online

Our online Action Charter will be published shortly!