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Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2024
Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

Let's change our perspective!

For 2024, Batimat is inviting its stakeholders – exhibitors, visitors and partners – to change perspective with a view to tackling the many challenges we face today. The purpose of this theme is to promote a proactive spirit at the show, with a focus on seeking solutions.

Let’s change our perspective. Let’s take a step back and study in detail the challenges facing the sector.

Batimat will use four key areas – Adaptation, Innovation, People, Local governments – as a framework for getting to grips with the changes we’re currently witnessing. 

The Batimat Universe


As one of the new changes of this next edition, Equipbaie/Métalexpo will be part of Batimat to create new synergy and reinforce the prisms of the Building & Construction industry. 

This sector will represent 3 dedicated halls for the carpentry, joinery and closures sectors, as well as Hardware, workshop machinery, glass products and sun protection.

The international multisectoral offers all gathered in dedicated country pavilions

All players from the international building sector are brought together at "Le Mondial du Bâtiment" in the same hall where they will have access to the international offer and development projects in a friendly atmosphere.

In 2022, it was over 100 committed architects and 19 delegations coming from 16 countries such as Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Senegal or the UK.

> Find out more about the International Pavilions

Who exhibits

Material & solution manufacturers & suppliers

  • Civil works, structure & envelope
  • Low carbon construction
  • Off-site and modular construction
  • Carpentry, joinery and closures
  • IT solutions and technologies
  • Photovoltaic solutions
  • Worksite equipment & tools
  • Utility vehicles and equipment
  • Interior & exterior layout

Professional and institutional organizations

  • Certification, environmental labels
  • Public & institutional establishments
  • Associations, NGOs, clusters, unions and foundations
  • Education, training or recruitment organizations

Service companies

  • Financing, banks and insurance
  • Certified diagnosticians
  • Consulting & low carbon engineering
  • EWC system and agents

Who visits

Professionals in construction, building, architecture and urban planning

  • Implementation, installation (craftsmen, contractors, installers, etc.)
  • Project management, prescription, technical building design
  • Project management, individual houses construction, real estate programs

Manufacturing, trading and distribution professionals

  • Material manufactures, equipments, for construction or for the building
  • Trade or distribution of equipment and materials

Associations, service organizations and territorial actors

  • The local communities and authorities
  • Engineering and architecture students, apprentices, compagnons, craftmen
  • Associations, unions and service companies

An event that plays its part in decarbonisation!

The building and construction sector emits 145Mt of CO2e a year. Together with transportations, our sector is the main emitter of CO2 and is therefore a key priority if France’s decarbonisation strategy is to succeed!

Conscious of the environmental and societal challenges to which we must respond collectively, Batimat is committed to a long-term strategy aiming to reduce its impact on climate, the environment and biodiversity as much as possible.