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Sept 30 - Oct 3, 2024
Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles

4 areas
to analyse the present and prepare for the future

#1 Adaptation

Adapting to a changing world

  • Adapting to the climate crisis
  • Adapting to France’s decarbonisation goals 
  • Adapting the uses of buildings

#2 Innovation

Innovating to change the world

  • Innovating to achieve decarbonisation goals 
  • Innovating to improve the quality of buildings 
  • Innovating to boost the efficiency of businesses

#3 Local authorities

Responding to global challenges with local solutions

  • Planning local development
  • Revitalising local economy
  • Promoting local resources

#4 Men & women

Nurturing common values

  • Recruiting the next generation of builders
  • Building on common values
  • Developing skills and expertise

A diversified conference program

The men and women of the building industry are at the head of a major challenge, and will have the responsibility of ensuring that France changes its approach, and in particular decarbonizes the act of building.

In sight of this urgency and responsibility, we want to give an new dimension to the Batimat conference program by bringing together all the players in the building industry, as well as diverse and inspiring personalities from other worlds.

The presentations will cover all the issues facing the sector, putting them into perspective in a wider context: economic, political, environmental, societal and solidarity-based...


Reflect and question

The Batitalks bring together experts from a variety of backgrounds to help us better understand the changes taking place in our sector and in our society.



Learn and train

Seminars and talks led by experts, with cutting-edge content covering solutions and innovations.

Innovation Lab

Identify new products

Presentations and demonstrations of innovations and technologies.

The Innovation Awards Show

The awards that reveals innovations in the building sector

The Innovation Awards of "Le Mondial du Bâtiment" showcase innovative solutions from exhibitors at Batimat, Idéobain and Interclima. These solutions are meeting the needs of professionals across the entire construction value chain. The 2022 edition included 167 applicants (product or solution), 82 nominees, 43 panel members mobilized, 24 winners and 3  “favorites” awards!

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Guided visits & thematic tours

The guided tours are designed to help specifiers to get the most from their visit. 
Our experts select the best innovations showcased on the industries’ booths that meet the 2024 themes.

Demonstrations & events

Right at the heart of Batimat, the event will be hosting live product demonstrations on exhibitor booths, but also an outdoor event with a display of work vehicles and equipment,  ceremony for the Innovation Awards and pictures exhibitions...etc.

*Upcoming program